Trapiche Ametrine is a new find from 2017. It comes from Aracuaí area in Minas Gerais, Brazil and is a variety of quartz that includes many rare phenomena. Is the first find of ametrine out of the classical mines of Bolivia (for that reason ametrine is also called bolivianite). And in addition it shows the rare trapiche shape pattern. The quartz crystals are twinned by the Law of Brazil, formed by compenetration of two individual crystals of opposite kinds, one being right-handed, the other left-handed, twinned across the {1120} plane, with a face of the trigonal prism of the second order as twinning plane. It is usually only possible to detect Brazil twinning under special polarized light, but in the case of ametrine, one crystal is amethyst and the other is citrine, making it easy to detect. At the center of the crystals an hexagonal black area is constituted by elongated crystals of pyrite characterized by the trapiche geometry. The outer portion show a sun with 6 arms of ametrine.




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