Emerald is found in many brazilian states, including: Nova Era in Minas Gerais, Campo Formoso and Brumado in Bahia State and Santa Terezinha in Goiás. It is know that the Brazilian Emeralds have green color due to Vanadium content instead that from Chromium. For that reason they last few years to be accepted from the international gemological market. Gemstones of quartz with included emerald crystals has reached the market only in the last few years. The emerald are low quality opaque crystals of nice color, and usually zoned with white bands, included in a withish-yellowish milky quartz matrix, very rarely in clear quartz.
The rough has been treated and cut passing through Teofilo Otoni gem market in Minas gerais. Despite this, the rough probably comes from Bahia deposit, because the Minas Gerais emeralds are characterized by black schistous matrix.