Dumortierite in quartz is usually in very small crystals and very little stones are cut, but its color make it really sensational. The tiny dumortierite crystals lie usually at the base of the quartz crystals, so biggest stones are cut from quartz that was lying on a side. It is very interesting to note the range of colors from colorless to Sapphire-blue to sometimes brown and yellow. Blue massive quartzites for the inclusion of Dumortierite are very common from Bahia State in Brazil and from Madagascar where they are dug as construction material in form of Blue Granites. Also Blue Marbles are present in the same areas, always for Dumortierite inclusions. In these rocks, Dumortierite is always microcrystalline and is no visible at the naked eye.
In 2014 a small area with Dumortierite in visible crystals included in euhedral quartz crystals, was found in the Serra do Espinhaço near the Vaca Morta quarry, Boquira, 20 km NW of Macaúbas, Bahia, Brazil, near the border with Tocantins state.
This is one of the more recent addition to the list of quartz with inclusion and its discovery arrived when the collector market for quartz with inclusions was just exploded. Due to its blue color, these stones reached high price including at the deposit and a real fever affected the area for more than one year.
The production was not small in terms of material, but most pieces donít have any inclusions. Around 20-30% of the material has the desired blue inclusions.
The price sky rocketed mid 2014, since the demand was huge and the supply limited. A second find occurred at the end of 2014. This time with slightly larger pieces, and some of the Dumortierite crystals were thicker with a metallic sheen.